are we?

Tightrope Media Systems :) We are a software company that makes digital signage and television automation products. We've been around for a long time and have experimented with many different kinds of office space and working styles.
We have always had a 'remote work' culture. In fact, we have one teammate that's been working remotely for 10 years. However, in the past few years we have really made working remotely a core part of our culture. We describe the current version of our 'office' as 'remote-first'. This means that all of our tools, meetings, paperwork, etc is accessible online, then, if only absolutely necessary (like mail), bound to a physical location.

Why did we make this blog?

We made this blog to share our experience being a remote-first team. There is plenty of information out there about working remotely but much of it is geared towards convincing your boss to let you work from home. That's not what this is! This blog is for you.

We are here to help YOU survive and thrive in a remote work environment. While there is some upside, there are definitely some things that suck. Hopefully we can share our experience to make your remote work experience the best it can be...

Welcome to the club remotie! :)

How can you help?

We want to hear from you! Hit us up on social media or send in an article suggestion. The more content and stories we can share with each other the better!