1:1’s are a must!

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A great management tool is one-on-one meetings with your individual team members. 1:1’s allow you to exchange feedback and work direction in a safe environment.

Our best employees are self-directed, self-motivated, and self-aware people. They don’t need a lot of daily or weekly work direction. It's really easy to get lazy on the 1:1’s with these rock stars! However, it's important to keep the the 1:1’s regular! Especially in a remote environment.

Remoties who are kicking ass at their job become the unsung heroes of the organization, quietly taking care of their business, and since they are remote it’s easy for them to become completely invisible. This has a huge, negative effect on the remote employee. Don’t let this happen! Be extra vigilant in keeping those 1:1 meetings with your remoties!

We use this template to guide us through 1:1 meetings:

  • How did last week feel?
  • What is on your mind this week?
  • Do you have anything blocking your work?
  • What do you want to accomplish this week?

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