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We all know that sending a calendar invite is simple enough, right?!

If it is truly that simple, then why have I received a million calendar invites that are lacking the necessary information to conduct an effective meeting? Okay, maybe not a million... but I'm sure you've received your fair share too. We need to fix this especially when working remotely because we need as much context as possible to help stay connected to a project, subject matter, etc.

So let's review some simple, yet forgotten items when sending calendar invites:

  1. Before sending out the calendar invite, do a quick cross-reference of everyone's schedule.
  2. Time zones. Not everyone lives where you do. Be mindful of this when scheduling the meeting and be sure to add it to the invite.
  3. Where are you meeting? Using a Zoom room? WebEx? Conference call number? Be sure to include this info.
  4. Agenda... why the heck are you meeting anyway?

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