Camera ready … while not wearing pants

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ok, ok, ok … let’s get something clear here. I wear pants, they just might not be “work” pants (all the time).

Most of the day I am in my PJ's, which I dislike because I really do enjoy getting dressed up. That’s one of the things I miss about going into the office. I like clothes. Anyhoo … back to PJ's (a subject about which I joke I should have a whole closet full of instead of street clothes) sometimes a meeting pops up: a meeting that wasn’t scheduled. Most of the time you can be camera ready for a meeting that you KNOW is taking place but when one is sprung on you from left field then you need to do some quick turnaround on making yourself presentable.

  • Wash face - no need for makeup if you wear it, just be sure your lighting isn’t great ;)
  • Brush hair / put on hat
  • Blazer on
  • Be sure any weird s&!# is out of view of the camera (AKA my Invisalign)

Ta-dah! You are camera ready … just don’t stand up.

In all seriousness ... GET READY. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but it sure does make you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the rest of the day. (as I sit here at noon, on a Tuesday, in my gym clothes, un-showered)

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