Feeling on-call 24/7

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I must admit, when I first started working from home I had a bit of a hard time adjusting to remote life. It wasn’t about routine, it wasn’t about getting work done … I had a hard time letting go of the fact that people did not need to be able to reach me 24/7. Because I was remote and on a different time zone, I felt like I needed to prove that I was there, that I was available and not sitting around watching TV.

Staying connected is important. In my experience I had and still do have a hard time being too available. Our company is set up in a way where you can access your peeps in all forms, which is great but can also be a hinderance. Don’t get me wrong, staying connected is important and even more important when you’re a remotie, but anxiety levels can get high when you feel like you need to be available all the time.

I purposely don’t have notifications turned on on my phone. I have all the apps I need to reach people, check in or respond … but I don’t have notifications turned on. This allows you to stay off the phone when you don’t need to be on it.  

Give yourself a break; if you’re getting the work done, it will be noticed.

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