Finding Your Space

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Finding your space is personal. Some people need to find an inspiring location outside their home work space. Maybe their typical remote work space is the local coffee shop, park or co-working space. In our current global situation this is basically impossible but it doesn't mean you can't still find an inspiring space inside your own home!

For me I don't work well at a coffee shop, at the kitchen table or at the local park. I get very distracted when I'm out and about: I need structure. I get into a groove when I've got my coffee, my music and my project rolling right along at my home office desk. Finding an inspiring location to write or create is beneficial.

  • Do you have a basement? Turn it into your own little remotie work cave!
  • Do you have a balcony or patio? Turn it into your own little private oasis!
  • If space is tight, carve out a little nook to call your own.

The main thing is to find the space that helps inspire you, keeps distractions at bay and gets you motivated for the day.

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