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Particularly if you are new to working remotely, or if there are some accounts/services that you only use on an infrequent basis, you may find that there are a bunch of logins or credentials that your brain simply doesn't have room for. Rather than a scary list that you keep in an unsecured document or (IT Managers close your eyes) on sticky notes, what you need is a password manager. There are several good options out there both free and paid - your employer may already be using one or be willing to pay for your account so don’t be afraid to ask. The gist is that you create one 'master' password that you must remember, and the rest are saved for you in a private or team-shared vault, making future logins a total breeze.

Pro tips:

- Consider using Multi-Factor Authentication with your master password if it's supported by the password manager and your device. This provides additional security to your entire vault of passwords and logins by requiring another proof such as a one-time use code that gets texted to your phone or a scan of your fingerprint.

- Remember to use good password hygiene by not using the same password for more than one account! With the password manager now doing the heavy lifting of "remembering", you can use the opportunity to create strong passwords using a mix of letters, numbers and characters (e.g., vN6zDvn$zB@D) - many managers even have a password generator to help you accomplish this.

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