Switch It Up

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I have a dedicated office space in my house. All the things I need are set up just how I like them. My monitor, microphone, keyboard, notepad, and well-worn drink coaster with coffee stains on it are just so. This is great for sliding right into the day. This comfort comes with one downside.

Some days my desk routine leaves me uninspired. This when I know that I need to get up and out of my home office. However, I don't need to go that far to switch up the mood.

I find that even switching to a different location in my house, just for a while, helps a ton. Here are some alternate spaces that I frequent:

  • Kitchen table - Watch for sticky maple syrup spills
  • Couch - Resist the urge to watch Netflix!
  • Your big armchair - This will make you feel super powerful too
  • Front porch - Remember to wave ‘hi’ to your neighbors
  • Backyard deck - Use an umbrella for shade
  • Hammock - Especially if you are reviewing a document

All joking aside, I have a hammock set up in my basement that I DO work from almost every day. It’s a perfect place to read. When working from these alternate locations always remember they are good for short-term working. Most of them are not very ergonomic so working from them all-day, every-day might cause some other issues. As with everything, balance is the key!

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