Taking a Break

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As with most things in life, every once in awhile we need to step away and take a break.  Taking a break helps our mind rest and reset.  It gives us perspective both from the inside and outside.  When working in an office setting these breaks can come more organically from people stopping by to ask a question or the quintessential watercooler chit-chat.  Working remotely requires a bit more work.

Build time into your schedule to get away, to get out of your home/garage/apartment/bunker/etc.  This time should be spent having a non-work conversation, getting some exercise, and/or just freeing your mind from working. 

Take a walk on a nearby trail (bonus points for taking your furry remote “worker” with you), or even just around the block.  You can even call another co-worker and chit-chat to help pass the time.  Call your parents/grandparents/siblings too, if it would relax you. You don’t have to talk to others if you don’t want to; we have all had those days. Just do something you can’t do while working. Plant some flowers, clean your car, shoot some hoops, ride your motorcycle, meditate. Whatever makes you feel good.  Then come back renewed.

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