Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right?

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When you transition to working from home, one of the first things that can really free you is that you now control the thermostat, and you don’t have to spend your days fighting with Kevin from accounting who keeps changing it.  Of course, that is assuming that your family is not also at home with you.

Your first thought might be to crank up the heat as winter tries to hold on, but remember; you may be increasing your own bills by turning up the thermostat. Look at other small scale things that may be more efficient for you (these can also help if you need to share control of a thermostat with your family).

Keep a nice blanket nearby to warm up.  It can even be on your legs discreetly while you are on a conference call. Have a small fan running nearby. This can help with air movement in small areas that might otherwise seem stuffy, or with stale warm air that might be just a couple feet above your head. Stay hydrated. Water intake helps us regulate our own temperature better, so keep a glass or bottle nearby to sip from throughout the day.

Even if you think you have found the right temperature, feel free to try something else. You might find that a cooler temp helps you focus your mind when you need to, or that a warmer temp helps you relax during a stressful project.  If you have a smart thermostat think about getting a compatible sensor to monitor the temperature right where you work.

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